Maternal and Childcare



Adolescence advice and care, Premarital care, Pre conceptual care, Antenatal are available from specialist obstetricians at the Channeling center Suwasevana Hospital. We have a comfortable Maternity care, fully equipped modern labor room to provide an excellent atmosphere for deliveries of joy. A team of skilled doctors and dedicated nurses are on duty round the clock .


Specialist obstetricians are on call duty to attend to the needs of expectant mothers.


Neonatologists and Pediatricians specialized in the management of new born babies are readily available at any time of delivering.


Fertility cares for women who have problems in conceiving are provided by well qualified, experienced obstetricians. Modern techniques of fertilization are also available to ensure that have a hope of having a baby is blessed with a healthy and a beautiful baby.


Women health checkup and diagnosis of pre cancer stages, ultrasound examination and such investigations for held checkup are done. Family planning advice also given by Consultant Gynecologists