suwasevana-SurgicalThe operation theatre complex, which is comprised of six operation rooms, has state of the art equipment required for cutting-edge surgery. The well trained surgical nursing staffs work swiftly to maintain the standard of the surgeries. Major surgical operations such as neurosurgery, knee replacement, laparoscopic surgery etc. are carried out in these operation theatres. Surgical operations of the abdomen, bowels, kidney, bladder, prostate glands, eye, brain and spine, rectum, ear, nose and throat, joints and limbs and plastic surgeries are done by skilled surgeons specialized in these areas.

Patients with injuries, fractures of bones, deformities in the limbs are surgically treated by competent and experienced orthopedic surgeons. Modern supportive services such as X – rays, scanning, medical laboratory, physiotherapy, surgical intensive care speed up and boost the treatments.