You can get off or get in near the hospital in any bus plying on Kandy-Peradeniya main road frequently or hire a taxi or a three wheeler from the Kandy Railway station at a reasonable price.

24/7 Pharmacies

(24/7 = 24hours per day/ 7 days per week) An outdoor pharmacy open day and night at the entrance, open to the public as well and indoor pharmacies attached to the Channel Center. The pharmacies are well stocked with all the drugs of the best quality, as well as SPC drugs.

Channelled Consultation

Consultants in all major and minor specialties are available for consultation.


24/7 Laboratory

The Medical laboratory at Suwasevana functions around the clock. State of the art equipment is used to carry out all medical tests, with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.


Our Main Services

Chanelled Consultation

CT Scan

X-Ray / US Scan

Lithotripsy (Crushing Urinary Stones)

Accident Emergency



Stroke Unit

Exercise ECG / Echo





ICU Emergency

Digital EEG / EMG

Suwasevana 01


Call Us:

  • Phone: +94 81 2 222 404, +94 81 4 476 762
  • Fax: +94 081 4476763
Suwasevana 02

Call Us:

  • Phone: +94 81 2 221 133
  • Call Center: +94 81 2 223 223